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X-th International Multividenie Festival of Animation Arts

X-th International Multividenie Festival of Animation Arts will take place in St. Petersburg on November 1-4. This year the main mounting pad to watch the best world animation of the last years will be Aurora, the leading cinema of the city.  Competitive demonstrations for children and adults will take place, where the best cartoons of British Animation Awards 2012 and Dutch KLIK! Amsterdam! Festival, will provide the night of the best films of the famous Trickfilm Festival (Stuttgart, Germany), and to top it off, the Russian KLIK! awards and prizes will be presented.

A Festival of Animation "Multivision» | animation festival, cartoon, animation

This year the festival will demonstrate more than 200 animated films. According to the organizers opinion, Multividenie is the only place, where one can see an independent animation. “One can judge about the festival and the development of cartoons not only in this country but also abroad. The best will be presented on this festival, the motions which are worth watching. Every year new techniques and approaches appear. There is also a special kind of animation – an experimental one. Two motions out of ten are some kind of breakthrough.” – stated the director of animated motion Dmitry Visotsky.

Best of the Dutch animation festival KLIK! AMSTERDAM | X International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision» | World Animation, animation festival, animation, cartoonsAn extreme animation will be also shown to the townsmen of St. Petersburg; to watch it one needs a special competence and preparation. “It can be beautiful, scary, funny and even erotic. Animation is an art, so it can dwell upon all the topics, including the burning issues. As there are horror films on the big screens, there are also animated films about burdensome life situations.” In the programme there is a motion named Orgasm, but nothing indecent can be found there, except for its title. One can also watch a motion about the sexual life disrupted by the Internet. About the girl, who got in coma – an incredibly beautiful film.” – explained Svetlana Petrova, organizer of the festival.

TRICKNIGHT - best night cartoon Film Festival in Stuttgart | X International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision» | World Animation, animation festival, animation, cartoons

On Smeshariki Project Studio, studio of animation in St. Petersburg on Petrogradskya str., an outstanding German designer and animator Max Hattler will conduct courses in modern animation, and in Pro Arte Institute a lecture under the title Audiovisual Abstractions.

BRITISH ANIMATION AWARDS 2011-2012 | X Mezhdunarodnyj festival' animacionnyh iskusstv «MUL''TIVIDENIE» | mirovaja animacija, animacionnyj festival', animacija, mul'tfil'my

In Erarta Museum of Modern Arts courses in animation for children will be conducted; what is more, one can visit a demonstration of programme for children and a special selection of extreme animation. There one can also see an exhibition of video installations of the festival.

On November 4 in Erarta results of the festival will be announced – the best 10 motions will be shown; they will be chosen by the jury of the competition.

On the eve of jubilee celebrations on Multividenie, a Night of French Films will take place, on October 27 International Day of Animation will be celebrated.

Source: Multividenie Festival of Animation Arts