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National union of ukrainian cinematographers (Odessa department)

National union of ukrainian cinematographers (Odessa department)Address: Ukraine, Odessa, 33, Francuzsky boulevard

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National union of ukrainian cinematographers (Odessa department)

6.02.2008 the blighty union of cinematographers celebrated the 50th anniversary. It seems like it was yesterday. 6th of February 1958 in Kiev was meeting of filmmakers unionю From Odessa department there were chosen seven persons. At the meeting were present popular and famous playwright Gregory Koltunov and director Vasily Levin.

It’s the beginning of a new time and new relationships in cinema and in the entire Soviet culture, when the creative process began to form professional unions to protect their rights, to develop the arts, find solutions of many problems associated with the work, and what must be confessed, creating the illusion of an existing in the bowels of the totalitarian regime of creative liberties when there was an opportunity if not to say in a loud voice the truth, but at least label it with your friends and colleagues without fearing that you deem "anti" something or someone in their own country.

Odessa department of the Union as an autonomous component of the all-Ukrainian public organization of professional filmmakers. Officially organization was born a year later - in April 1959. The members were nine directors, one playwright, eight operators, three artists, an actor, four sound producers, a screenwriter and production manager - the Guard is not capable to do great things! And they were doing simultaneously with Odessa film studio, considering the fact that opening the creative group of filmmakers at film studio' area was logical. Some kind of "Hollywood" at the Black Sea."

 Museum of cinematography. National union of ukrainian cinematographers (Odessa department)By the way, by efforts of filmmakers, professionals, formed the backbone of the Union of cinematographers in Odessa. Film factory has made an incredible leap forward in its development: it is once again successfully returned to the production of feature films, suspended in the postwar years, and immediately came out on top in popularity from the Soviet moviegoers. Let us recall the great names of Odessa films that period: "Spring on Zarechnaya Street", "Two Fedors", "Thirst", "The First Love story." Later there were "Goodbye", "Come Tomorrow", "Fidelity." And then: "Dangerous Tour", "Long Goodbye" and "Brief Encounters", "Urban Romance", "Vertical", "Captain Nemo", "Riders" ... and up to the present day with the cinema hits "A hundred joys, or book of great discoveries," "Three Musketeers", "Invasion", "Military Time Romance", "Prince Daniil Galitsky”, "Secret channel", "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed”, "The Adjuster", "The Princess and the Bean"... In each of them a significant part of labor and talent of the members of Odessa Union of cinematographers.

In November 1965, the Ukrainian Union of Cinematographers joined the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR, which included filmmakers of all the republics of the multinational country.

But honorable status National union of ukrainian cinematographers officially been accepted in 2000. Time has passed full of incredible creative tension. Number of members in union of cinematographers in Odessa department was growing, and over years the leaders have been the most famous filmmakers: Vasily Levin, Peter Todorovski, Vadim Kostromenko, Vadim Lysenko, Stanislav Govorukhin, Gennady Zbandut, Yaroslav Lupiy.

Today National union of ukrainian cinematographers (Odessa department) unites one hundred forty five members. To traditional specialties cinematic filmmakers, screenwriter, operators, actors joined composers, critics, sound engineers, producers, stuntmen, technicals, without them is simply unthinkable to imagine the process of making a film nowadays. There are three national artists of Ukraine - Kira Muratova, Vilen Novak and Jaroslav Lupiy), eighteen honored artist of Ukraine, USSR State Prize winners and winners of many prestigious film festivals.Without exaggeration the Union of Cinematographers in Odessa gathered the brightest representatives of the tenth muse, not only domestic but also international level.

ОOdessa film factory mixed with Francuzsky boulevard, 33. And no matter what winds blown on this blessed land, it will always be the focus of talent, and creative daring, discovery and achievement. The heart of film factory is the Union of Cinematographers, which continues to live in the holy of holies - the palace of San Donato.

In December, 2010 there were accepted new members from Odessa animation studio: director - Yuri Grinevich, animator - Oleg Hey, editor - Alex Khitrow.

 Museum of cinematography. National union of ukrainian cinematographers (Odessa department)

 Museum of cinematography.

There are more than ten thousand items of materials in museum. These items show the cinematographic work in Odessa since the invention of cinematography to the present day.

There is individual counseling with students and high school students, writing essays about history of cinematography and development of culture in Odessa. As well there are guided tours in the museum and at Odessa film studio’s area.

Director of the Cinema Museum: Vadim Kostromenko

Telephone of Cinema Museum (working days): +38 (0482) 33-95-38

Tours are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 15:00.

Duration of the tour 1 - 1.5 hours.