Animation studio based in Eugene Bugaev 1991


How we create cartoons

1 - The order for creating the cartoon.

     Making calls, setting the day and time of meeting. During the meeting we trying to understand what we should create that we fixing the deadlines and the budget of cartoon.

2 - Brainstorming.

     Meet all together by cup of tea or coffee and start thinking and thinking till that time until the unique story born.

3 - Concluding the agreement.

     Our idea and your money - signing of a contract, advance, the idea of cartoon and the finance question – if everything is convenient for the client and for the studio.

4 - Synopsis.

     The director trying to put all the cartoon into one paper A-4, 290*210 mm – the short description.

5 - Script.

     The group of educated persons and well-read persons with the good imagination with the director in details describing what is going on in cartoon – and writing the book.

6 - Designing form and appearance.

     The artists invent new personage, planets, galaxies, universes – like masters create the world.

7 - Storyboard.

     Scene selection, drawing the small pictures, mini shot which shows the sequence of movie events.

8 - Recording the actors’ voices.

     Audio operator recording the actors voices speaking in the microphone. Then the director produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack. Makes the personages’ articulation for animators, after this personages will speak the actors voices.

9 - Assignment of work.

     The director controlling the whole creation of the film, control animatic, storyboard, with the header artist gives the task for animators, controls the quality of animation, final editing, animators execute the directors tasks, makes the personage alive independently of person or animal or inanimate thing.

10 - Checking the drafts of animation.

       Сontrol of work done, work checkup. The director and animator viewing how correct the drawn personage moves relating to character, shape, habit.

11 - Painting.

       Using the computer, RGB - palette and mouse the black and white animation becomes coloured.

12 - Post composing.

       Creating the special effects, CG, joining the CG effects, animation and background together, to get the final scene.

13 - Final editing.

       The director and editor join the video, sound and noises in one whole thing, cut or add pictures to get the real cartoon.

14 - Recording the cartoon on medium.

       It depends on format (CD, DVD, HDV, movie).

15 - Passing the cartoon to the client.


P.S. Now You know the whole process and can order cartoon!