Animation studio based in Eugene Bugaev 1991




1. Animated commercial «Ocean Plaza», New York, USA
2. Animation for Android and iOS - the game "Ancient man", Odessa, Ukraine
3. Animated video for American performer TYGA - «Hijack», Los Angeles, USA
4. Animated commercial for TM "Kuyalnik", Odessa, Ukraine
5. Teaser for the full-length animated film "Legends of Tripolie", Kiev, Ukraine
6. 3D animated video - presentation of 3D department of Odessa Animation Studio
7. 3D animation "it's not good Seryozha, not comradely!..." - The contest on RENDER.RU portal, Moscow, Russia
8. An order cartoon - Birthday greetings!, Kazakhstan
9. AAnimation of the 3D logo for the Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (Faculty of Management)
10. 3D animation of screensaver for the game «Life is feudal», Odessa, Ukraine
11. 3D Modeling and animation - reconstruction of events, Ukraine
12. Demo Reel-2013, Odessa Animation Studio
13. 2D animation for children's video alphabet and developing games "Bukvoed"


1. Animated Series «Unusual Adventures of Zina and Keshi», 10 episodes of 5 minutes, commissioned by MSU Russia
2. Animated film «Game Lukomorya», 2 series of 15 minutes, commissioned by Russian State Committee for Cinematography
3. Animated ads «Effective Tweeting»
4. Animated ads Bank «Renaissance Credit»
5. Animated ads for chain stores «VICOTEC»
6. Animated advertising brand «33 cows»
7. Social animated ads on diabetes
8. Animated clip - congratulations «Australia»
9. Animated clip - congratulations «Danielle»
10. Animated clip - congratulations «Wedding»
11. Animated music video «Time», 3 minutes, commissioned by the National Theatre of Folk Music and Songs «Golden Ring», Moscow, Russia
12. Animated music video «Tik Tak», 4 minutes, commissioned by the National Theatre of Folk Music and Songs «Golden Ring», Moscow, Russia


1. Animation film «Fikriye», Istanbul, Turkey
2. Animated logo for children's television program «Lukomorye», Sevastopol, Ukraine
3. Advertising "Three Brothers", Moscow, Russia
4. Advertising "Pinocchio" to medical clinics, New York, USA
5. Advertising "Ivan Vasilievich" for a chain of restaurants in New York, USA


1. Animated clip «Fantasia», Zolotoe koltso, Moscow, Russia
2. Animated clip «Bay-Bai»,Zolotoe koltso, Moscow, Russia
3. Political cartoon series "News of Pivdenburg"
4. Commercials for the supermarket chain "Technopolis"
5. 3D-animation, the presentation for factory"Kislorodmash", Odessa, Ukraine


1. Social animation «The girl who bought Love» , Astana, Kazakhstan
2. Cartoon "Journey of Tiopa," "Zolotoe koltso"", Moscow, Russia
3. Cartoon Clip "Friend," "Zolotoe koltso"", Moscow, Russia
4. Animated ads "Gazprombank", Kiev, Ukraine
5. Cartoon advertisement "Snow Queen", Illichivsk, Ukraine


1. Cartoon clip of "Dobrie dela," "Zolotoe koltso"", Moscow, Russia
2. Cartoon clip "Karta", "Zolotoe koltso"", Moscow, Russia
3. Animated ads of the ice rink "Umka", Odessa, Ukraine


1. "VIVAT ODESSA" (documentary animation in 4 series for 4 min.) Odessa.
2. "ZOO New Year" Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Women's Day", Kiev, Ukraine
4. «MUSIC BOX» (20 Screenplays for the TV savers for 10 sec.)
5. "Meryem Nine" (animated work (25 min.) for the same named movie,  studio ELLA CIZGI FILM production, Istanbul) Turkey
6. "Korablik" (animation for the children's theater "Zolotoe koltso"), Moscow, Russia


1. "Candidate" (block of political advertising animation clips (8 series 1 series about 5 seconds. Kiev, Ukraine
2. "Smile" (the pilot movie for mega serial for  the Ministry of Culture and Education of Saudi Arabia (20 sec.) Supported by «Microsoft» company U.S.
3. "Birthday of Odessa" (TV series to the election of mayor. 5 series 1 series about 2 min.) Odessa, Ukraine
4. "The Doctor" (commercial animation for "Russian Television" (25 sec.) New York, USA
5. "Confidor Maxi" (promotional video of "poison" for the potato beetle; 20 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
6. "STS" (commercial animation for construction firm, 30 sec.), Odessa, Ukraine
7. "Factory of Laught" (video for show programs, 10 seconds), Odessa, Ukraine
8. "Neptune" (commercial of chewing gum, 30 sec.) Ilyichevsk, Ukraine
9. "Ukrainka" (advertising, 3D ​​movie of vodka, 30 seconds) Kiev, Ukraine
10. «Ukinox» (commercial for kitchen sinks, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
11. "Nevada" and "Mister Gold" (commercials for the company Odrex 6x10 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
12. TV Comedy (10 movies for 10 seconds. For Comedy TV, Russia, Israel


1. "HUMOR BOX" (animated signature tune for TV 20 x 10 seconds) Moscow, Russia
2. «MUSIC BOX» (animated signature tune for TV 20 x 10 seconds) Moscow, Russia
3. "Euphorbium" ( ads of drug, 20 seconds.) Kiev, Ukraine
4. "Medea" (private clinic advertising, 20 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
5. "Birthday Party for children in cinema" Golden Duke "ad 15 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
6. «MUSIC BOX» and «HUMOR BOX" (30 x 10 sec), Moscow, Russia, Tel Aviv, Israel
7. The video (classical 2D animation, 3D ​​graphics) for the song "Armand" by Anton Makarskiy. (4 min.) Moscow, Russia
8. "Aquatech" (advertising for laundry, 20 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
9. "The Doctor" (advertising of medical services. 20 sec. by “Russian television”. New York, USA
10. "Civil defense" (children's TV serial commissioned by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia. 45 series, 1 series-25 sec.
11. "Birthday of Odessa" (TV series to the election of mayor. 10 series X 2 min.) Odessa, Ukraine
12. "Antoshka" (promotional video for a network of stores, 20 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
13. "Winnie" (commercial ads, 30 seconds.) Vinnitsa, Ukraine
14. "Zayats" (humorous TV commercial for Inter channel, 30 sec. Kiev, Ukraine


1. Humorous TV series «SOS» (62 Series-62 min), Odessa, Ukraine
2. "Be careful with fire!" (Children's safety series 45 series X 30 seconds) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1st place at the film festival organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Saudi Arabia.
3. "Grosslibental" (promotional animation for wine, 30 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
4. "Novotroitskoye" (promotional animation for brand of cheese, 20 seconds) Kherson, Ukraine
5. "Bohumial" (promotional animation for brand of flour, 20 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
6. "Senior Pomodor" (promotional animation of canned goods, 20 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
7. "Laskava" (promotional animation for the brand, 10 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
8. Animated clip "Horosho" (the election of the President of Ukraine, 4 min.) With Dnepropetrovsk state university,  Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
9. "Curiosities of New Year" (humorous serial, 10 x 2 minutes. ODANIS. Odessa, Ukraine


1. "Lasunia" (promotional animation of juice for 10 seconds. Odessa, Ukraine
2. "SHTIRLITS" (promotional animation for  Russian TV) New York, USA
3. "PIVDENCHIK-March 8" (commercial for the bank "Pivdenny", 30 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
4. "VEKKA ASTRONAUT" (commercials of food products, 20 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
5. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (animation combining with video, song by Nadejda Kadysheva and ensemble "Zolotoe koltso", 2 min. 40 seconds). Moscow, Russia
6. "FUN GEOGRAPHY" (cartoon series for children's educational program, 11 x 90 sec., Odessa, Ukraine
7. "Taxi" (promotional animation for taxi services, 20 seconds). Odessa, Ukraine
8. "BIM-BIM" (promotional animation of rice crisps 20 seconds. Kiev, Ukraine
9. "PKO" (commercial for credit company for 30 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
10. "Sklostroj" (presentation for Moscow office of the  «Skloctroj», Czech company 5 series X 2 min. Moscow, Russia
11. "Globe of Ukraine" (pilot movie for popular radio serial 1 min. Odessa, Ukraine
12. "OXFORD-INTENSIVE" (commercial for language courses, 15 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
13. "Boy" (animation «MEDIA HOUSE» 90 sec.) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
14. "Sausage" (commercials for meat-packing factory 5 x 20 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
15. "Primitive Family" (commercial animation for grocery stores 60 sec.) Russian TV, New York, USA
16. "Senior pomidor" (promotional animation of canned goods, 20 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
17. "The windows and doors" (promotional animation for producer of windows and doors for Russian TV 20 sec.),New York, USA
18. "Crazy money" (animation for Gentleman show, 12 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
19. "Intimmed" (advertising animation for private clinics, 30 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
20. Humorous animation «SOS» (31 Series X 1 min. "Meridian 31" Odessa, Ukraine
21. “Vodomer" (promotional animation for the 1st credit company, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
22. "Taxi-New Year '(commercial for a taxi service 20 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
23. "Antiallergen" (promotional animation for Russian TV, 20 sec.) New York, USA
24. "Eco Lasunya" (promotional animation for the brand, 15 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
25. "Bosch ad action" (commercial animation for company "Bosch Ukraine" 20 sec.) Kiev, Ukraine
26. "New Russian Word" (commercial animation for newspaper 15 sec. Kiev, Ukraine
27. "Pochtarochka" (promotional animation for "Ukrpost" 30 sec.) Kiev, Ukraine
28. "Children's Program Interactive" (ordered by "Masksi" 7 minutes) Odessa, Ukraine
29. "Bohumila" (promotional animation for the brand, 20 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
30. "Bota" (commercial for chocolate brand , 4 series X 20 sec.) Kazakhstan
31. "Skvortsovo" (commercial animation meat products, 3 clips of 20 seconds. Simferopol, Ukraine


1. Serial "Children's fire safety at home" (for "MEDIA HOUS" Ordered by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Saudi Arabia, 20x1 min.) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
2. "Odes’ka kava" (promotional animation for brand, 30 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Tomet" (promotional animation of armored doors, 30 seconds. Odessa, Ukraine
4. "Lasunya-rocket" (Advertising of milk, 5 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
5. "Lasunya Jackson" (Advertising of milk, 10 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
6. "Pan and Pani" (confectionery advertising, 20 seconds.) Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
7. "Henkel Ukraine" (commercial for TV channel INTER, 12 sec.) Kiev, Ukraine
8. "Oleg Filimonov anniversary " (signature tune for "Genttleman show", 5 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
9. "Humorina" (the main commercial for celebration "Humorina-2002", 25 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
10. "DIAMOND" (advertisement for animal feed, 30 seconds). Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
11. "Lasunya BRAZIL" (advertising for milk, 10 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
12. "Lasunya Baby Milk" (advertising for milk, 10 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
13. "Lasunya Laskava" (advertising for milk for, 10 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
14. "Kazarma" (logo for a gentleman-show, 10 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
15. "Mutabary" (cartoon for foundation "Our Children", 10 minutes.) Kiev, Ukraine
16. "AKMAYYA" (advertising yeast 20 seconds. Odessa, Ukraine
17. «HANSA» (animation for sponsor company, 10 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
18. "Usatie, khvostatie, polosatye" (signature tune for TV, 25 seconds) Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
19. "KREMEZ" (advertising of milk products, 15 seconds.) Kremenchug, Ukraine
20. "VEKKA" (product ads, 10 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
21. "Odessa" (advertising of confectionery, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
22. "KISS" (animation for the song by Anna Reznikova 4 min.) RUSSIA-ISRAEL
23. "Advertising" (signature tune for TV channel, 10 seconds X 3) Odessa, Ukraine
24. "RITS" (animation of presentation, Russian Information Center, 5 min.) Moscow, Russia
25. "Compressors" (presentation series for the Moscow office of «COOPER TURBOCOMPRESSOR» USA, 3 min. Moscow, Russia
26. "Sklostroj" (animation presentation for Moscow office of the Czech company «SKLOSTROJ» 6 min) Moscow, Russia
27. "Musketeers" (ads of ice cream, 20 sec.) Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
28. "AKVALASKA" (Advertising of purified water, 10 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
29. "Chernovetskie sausages" (animation for Gentleman Show, 10 seconds) Cherkasy, Ukraine
30. "Lichnoe vremia" (signature tune for DTV Channel, 15 seconds) Moscow, Russia
31. "Novogodnie igrushki" (animation with video combination, song by Anna Reznikova, 4 min.) RUSSIA-ISRAEL
32. "Natalka" (animation ad for grocery shops, 30s.) Odessa, Ukraine
33. "DIAMOND-2" (promotional animation for animal feed, 30 seconds. Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
34. "LIBRA" (commercials of food products, 20 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
35. "Lasunya Yakubovich" (promotional animation of milk, 10 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
36. «REX ads" (promotional animation for HENKEL Ukraine, 10 sec.) Kiev, Ukraine
37 «Rex-lemon» (promotional animation for HENKEL Ukraine, 15 sec.) Kiev, Ukraine
38. «OXFORD» (promotional animation of language courses, 15 seconds). Odessa, Ukraine
39. "CHRISTMAS" (Flash animation for the website of German firm AB-Werk-Kuchen, 50 sec.) Germany
40. "Lasunya Noviy god" (promotional animation for milk, 15 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine


1. "Valentines" (humorous commercials for TV, 10x35 seconds) Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
2. "The stories of March" (9x25 seconds humorous commercials for TV Russia
3. ”Poncho-hunter "(a humorous animation for TV Ukraine) Moscow, Russia
4. "April draws" (humorous animation 6x60 seconds TV Ukraine) Russia
5. "Dumplings" (commercial animation combining with video, 30 seconds) Moscow, Russia
6. "May days" (humorous animation 12 x 60 second TV Ukraine), Kiev, Ukraine
7. "Mischievous cats"  (humorous animation 13 x 60 second TV Ukraine) Kiev, Ukraine
8. "Zlagoda" (commercial brand animation, 30 sec.) Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
9. "Mr. Bean" animation made with the studio "PILOT") Moscow, Russia
10. Signature tune  for " Gentleman-Show ", Odessa, Ukraine
11. "Ekonofon" (commercial animation (3x30sek.) for the Russian TV) New York, USA
12. "Fire is not a toy" (TV movie for Saudi Arabia for 30 sec.)  Saudi Arabia
13. "Funny Arithmetic" (educational program for children, 45 minutes for cassette market of CIS for creative group"Masky"). Odessa, Ukraine
14. "Luna" music animation for the song by Alika, 3.5 min.) Kiev, Ukraine
15. "Kto General?" (animation for the song by Anna Reznikova 4 min.) Moscow, ISRAEL
16. "Kak vstrechayt Noviy god." (humorous animation for TV, 10x1 min.) Odessa, Ukraine
17. "Svad’ba" (animated signature tune for television program 1.5 min. Channel "Inter) Kiev, Ukraine


1. "Animal Wars" (feature animated film, 1 hour 20 minutes, at the request «AFL Production»), USA
2. New signature tunes for "Gentleman-show", "Kalambur", Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Millenium-April 1", animation serial (continuing)
4. "Oxford-2" (animated advertising of language courses, 30 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
5. "Bravo" (advertising of ice cream, 15 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
6. "Tango" (producer apparel ads, 20 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
7. "Sobachki" (advertising of brand, "Shustov" 30 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
8. "Elka i koresha" (animation for Gentleman show, 12 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
9. "Tancuyshaya korova" (advertising animation of milk "Lasunya" 10 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
10. "The Cow in the car" (advertising animation of milk "Lasunya"10 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
11. "Lasunya-Pinocchio" (advertising animation of milk  "Lasunya" 10 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
12. "Santa Claus" (humorous commercials for TV 6, 13x20 seconds) Moscow, Russia
13. "Yubilei" (signature tune for Gentleman Show, 10 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
14. "Noviy god na khutore bliz Dikan’ki. Ot zakata do rassveta”, 22 min. For creative group "MASKY Show") Odessa, Ukraine


1. "April 1" (mini series 12 x 40 sec., Odessa, Ukraine
2. "Lasunya" (advertising for milk 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Kabluchki" (animation advertising for shoes store 20 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
4. "Elka i koresha (TV show screen saver for 15 sec.) Odessa, Ukraine
5. Signature tune for "Gentleman show", "Kalambur", "Masky") Odessa, Ukraine
6. "Millennium" (mini series, 12 X 60 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
7. "Masenkaya Story" (animation for creative group "Masky", 4min) Odessa, Ukraine


1. Cartoon "The Masky" (continuing 4-6 series, 3x10 min. For creative group "MASKY Show", Odessa, Ukraine
2. Signature tune for "Gentleman show", "Kalambur", "Masky show.") Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Oxford-1" (advertising of Oxford language courses, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine


1. Serial "MASKY show" for creative group "MASKY" (Bronze Medal on Festival  "WORLDFEST-98") Houston, USA
2. The video "Zadumal stariy ded" (for the theater "Zolotoe koltso" 3 min.) Moscow, Russia
3.Signature tune for "Gentleman show", "Kalambur", "Masky show.") Odessa, Ukraine
4. Animation (only paper) "The Silver Brumby"), Australia; ( "Papyrus") Australia

1996 (computer video technology)

1. "Carlson" (animation advertising, 20 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
2. "Radio Taxi" (animation advertising of services, 20 seconds.) Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Palatch" (animation advertising for company, 20 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
Grand Prix of the festival "Motorola-97" (Athens '97)
4. "Gramophone, Melody" (animated advertising for music stores, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
5. "Winnie the Pooh" (animated advertising of Royal Pizza, 20 sec) Odessa, Ukraine
6. "Pervobitniu chelovek" (animation advertising for audio store, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
7. Signature tune for "Gentleman show", "Kalambur", "Mask-show.") Odessa, Ukraine
8. The pilot animation based on tales of A.Valevsky) Odessa, Ukraine
9. Music clip - "Ya obidelas", for cabaret duet "Academy", Grand Prix "FANTASY-98" for music clip) Moscow, Russia

1991 - 1995 (film technology)

1. "In Alhoks’ country"  (1 hour, 30 min.) Odessa, Ukraine
2. "Tegola Canadese" (animation advertising roof, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
3. "Vector" (animated advertising of rental boats, 30 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
4. "Ostrova" (animated advertising of insurance company, 20 seconds) Odessa, Ukraine
5. "Volkswagen" (animation advertising for Kiev dealer, 30 seconds) Kiev, Ukraine
6. "Sadistic poems" (animation for creative group "Masky show" 4 min.) Odessa, Ukraine