Animation studio based in Eugene Bugaev 1991


Concepts, graphics, painting, art - the largest portal of computer graphics in the worldl for artists and designers. -worldwide directory of concept art. A blog with concept artists, illustrators and designers (games, movies, animation). - Maria "Ketka" Trepalina. Original artist and illustrator. - Ksenia Dmitrieva art gallery "Pinka". - Sonia Karamelkina: Magic graphic illustrator. - Svetlin Velinov: the world's leading graphic artist and illustrator. - great concept paintings and drawings. - gallery of professional concept painting and graphics. - Feng Zhu: concept artist, world-class. - Justin Sweet: chart and illustrator, world-class. - Art Lebedev design studio. -  Russian leading portal for 2D and 3D graphics. Lessons and forum.