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Where lost mental ray in Maya?

AutoDesk Maya 2012

Probably almost everyone who worked in the Maya, one of the most frequently asked questions is: - Where did the Mental Ray?

Indeed, at one point, beginners 3D-artist can not find the usual menu items listed in renderer of choice for his scenes. As the saying goes, here he was here - that it is not. So where lost our precious mental ray and how to return it to its rightful place?..

Where lost mental ray in Maya?
Observant users probably said to himself that mental ray is lost after an unexpected shutdown Maya - that is, by just saying, after she "hung" and had to "bang", killing the process or even restarting the computer. After such a program crash Maya "thinks" (through the efforts of programmers, developers) that the cause could be mental ray, and the next time you disconnect it from harm's way. Probably affects the heritage of old times, when stability and ligament Maya-mental ray was not as high.

Since there are mental ray in Maya as a plugin, then disappear from the list of available renderers due banal automatic disconnection of the plug-in itself Maya. Fix for this is very simple - just go to the menu Window -> Settings / Prefrences -> Plug-in Manager, find the list Mayatomr.mll and put in front of him two checkboxes - Loaded and Autoload. Voila! mental ray is back in business.