Animation studio based in Eugene Bugaev 1991


Animation - is a concentration!


If you really love animation: think, analyze, worry, work, receive from the buzz of creativity - animation will reciprocate!

Let's start the first lesson.

Turn off!

Yes, that’s right! Turn off, take off your headphones, turn off the radio, stop the CD, turn off the player, close the door!

What is this for?

Here is an example of the life of the great animator Richard Williams (author and character animator - Roger Rabbit).

- Like many artists, I had a custom of listening to classical music or jazz during the creation of characters. Once when I visited Milt Kalya(animator who worked with Walt Disney on «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs»), I innocently asked:

АAnimation - is a concentration! - 1

- Milt do you draw listening to classical music?

Animation - is a concentration! - 2

- From all the stupid questions I've ever heard, I've never heard of
SUCH stupid question!

I’m not so clever to think more than one thing about at the same time!

- I’m sorry...

As if it came from the genius of animation it made a huge impression on me. After that I learned work in silence. And most importantly, before you strike a pencil, it is necessary to think about! After that my animation has improved significantly.

What does it give?

Animation is the instantiation.

In the words of Richard Williams:

- The same thing happened after I told my colleagues about our meeting and my question to Milt Kalya.

Recently two friends animators which were used to listen the music during creating the characters were shocked when they realized that their colleagues who did not listen to the music create images of interesting and strange characters who do not have wires sticking out of the ears. But mostly they were surprised was improved quality of animation and work.


How to work with than whether in ears oк without - it’s up to you. But associating youtself with an animation, you should give a report, is that it is serious and long!

Animation - is a concentration! - 3

Portrait of an animator after the first lesson..

Source: “The Animator's Survival Kit” - Richard Williams