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Happy New 2014 Year!

Our Odessa Animation Studio wishes you a Happy New 2014 Year! Let this year bring to you a health, warm of friends and home comfort, creative growth and professionalism, as well as more new shot movies, TV series and cartoons! Let your creativity bring to this not easy world the warmth and joy! Our motto for this year is 'the success, the measure and the ocean!' 

Happy New 2014 Year!

Eastern horoscope 2014 - the year of the Blue wooden horse

Horse is very energetic, woundable and often impatient. She loves all workers and respects a sense of freedom. Horses always desire all acts of dishonest. However, you can try to trick the horse, but if she feels it, certainly she'll punish a trickster.

Short animated film "Oligarch"

Apparently, 2014 will be dynamic and won't be boring. Rapid and energetic, but quite delicate and friendly Blue wooden horse is ready to help and support everyone. However, only in case if she finds you to be worthy all that benefits which you are aspire. Yes, there is something to think about ...