Animation studio based in Eugene Bugaev 1991



Storyboard (storyboards)Storyboard (storyboards) - a sequence of images that serves as an aid in the creation of films, cartoons, commercials. The main task of storyboarding - to see the whole entire clip, movie, movie, cartoon. Usually the director makes a storyboard.

Animatic = storyboard + music videoAnimatic based on the storyboards and rough sound (this is a video draft of future masterpiece) The task of animatic to see the whole picture (cartoon) in its entirety to determine whether all the thought that all art, installation, and animated color accents.

Picture (drawing)Picture (drawing) - the main base of animation. Images are created by animation artists, animators (entertainers). Picture created by an animator on a light table. Type of graphic material dictates the different techniques of drawing. In classical animation graphics are mainly used a pencil.

The backgroundThe background - an image that "lies" under the animation  or animation, which forms a space (main background), where the action cartoon, cartoon movie, cartoon advertisements. The background gives the atmosphere and mood of the cartoon.

CGI ( computer-generated imagery)CGI ( computer-generated imagery) - images generated by computer and by using three-dimensional computer graphics. In the usual CGI animation allows you to create effects, three-dimensional model space, and animation. Create their 3D-artists, 3D-3D-animators and modelers using three-dimensional processing applications such as Maya, Max, Cinema, and others.

Frames (frame, cadre) Frames (frame, cadre) - a sequence of images that make up the movement (animation). A second of animation consists of 24 frames. Depending on the aspect ratio use usual format (3:4) or widescreen (16:9). Still photographic image on film (in the cartoon - one of the drawings) is called the "frame".

PhotosPhotos - obtain and preserve a still image with a photosensitive material or the CCD in the camera. Photography - the art of obtaining photographs where the basic creative process is to search for and selection of the composition, lighting, and the date the photograph. This choice is determined by the ability, skill and taste of the photographer.