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Boinx Software made «iStopMotion 2» for iPad

Boinx Software made a second version of «iStopMotion 2» for one frame at a time animation on iPad. Almost all technologies that attracted the attention of a huge audience at this year Macworld/iWorld are implemented in this product. Especially remarkable that iStopMotion 2 is a brand new product with an active use of the unique features of iOS operating system and Apple iPad.

Boinx Software made «iStopMotion 2» for iPad

On Boinx Software’s stand developers demonstrated an animated film shot on the example of plasticine fellows. All visitors of the exhibition made animation keyframes itself while the  developers have changed the position of plasticine characters according to the scenario. The  total result was very deserving. Perhaps the level of animation isn’t good like in masterpieces like "Wallace and Gromit" but this technology earned the title of the "Best of Exhibits" among software products at the exhibition.

The iStopMotion 2 function is quite simple in terms of describing – to photograph the scene at the right moments and glue received frames in smoother animation. In some ways this product can be a serious tool for enthusiasts of some directions. Nowadays many people of all over the world are making their own per-frame animations with Lego figures and other "heroes." On the other hand, it isn’t clear how easy it will be to shoot these videos without developer’s instructions like in the course of the demonstration.

Some visitors of the exhibition noted that some developer’s terms were not clear to the viewers, for example, «key frames». To use this tool anyone could need a small tutorial. Download the utility from the official App Store to get acquainted with iStopMotion 2 opportunities right now.

Boinx iStopMotion 2

Skabt til at skabe! (Stop motion)

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