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Animated film from Walt Disney «Secret of the Wings»

Animated film from Walt Disney «Secret of the Wings» | animation, cartoons

There is a surprise for every admirer of Walt Disney fairies in December 2012 – the appearance of a new animation film, depicting adventures of charming characters named «Secret of the Wings»!

         Of course all admirers of Peter Pan remember his everlasting mate – a Fairy called Tinker Bell, whose Russian name was Ching-Ching, Fix-and-Solder or Ding-Ding. Nevertheless, she was of a small height, for the book by J. M. Barrie she was a character of no small importance. Let’s recollect in our memories that regarding to her (her wonderful powder, in particular) Peter Pan together with his fellow travelers were able to fly. A quarrelsome temperament of the fairy is the thing that drew the most attention. Ding-Ding, feeling jealous of Wendy, spelled a great disaster for everybody, – though faced the consequences by herself either.

         To cut the long story short, exactly the above mentioned Ching-Ching (Ding-Ding) became the main character of a new animation film. Ding-Ding and her friends were always afraid to cross the border of the Winter Forest, because there is a popular belief that it is too dangerous there. One day, Ding-Ding burning with curiosity comes very close to the forest and her wings, all of a sudden, start glitter and opalesce. Fascinated Ding-Ding decides to find out the mystery of the magic wings. She puts on a warm coat and goes to the heart of the forest, where an unexpected discovery waits for her…

Secret of the Wings

Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and ventures into the winter woods with her and Tinker Bell's other friends to find the secret of fairy wings.

Make a journey in winter tale together with the charming fairies by Disney!

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